Teen and Children’s Ministry

Teen and Children’s Ministry


Welcome to the Teen Ministry Programs at Christian Family Fellowship!

It is our belief that your children have been called by God, and that it is His desire that they come to accept salvation in Jesus Christ, which He has intended for them from the very beginning.

All of our teen Bible studies and activities are designed with this goal in mind: that teenagers may come to know and
trust in Jesus more and more.

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Upcoming Youth Event:  Youth Camp at our Church Facility, July 1-3; Cost $100 per child, ages 6-18.  For more details, please inquire via email to martydavey@comcast.net

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Our group Teen Bible Study occurs twice a month during the sermon time of the main service, on the second and third Sundays of each month, and  once a month after the sermon, with the Pastor, right after worship services.

Teens begin the service in the main sanctuary, participating in the announcements, worship music and offering, together with their families and the congregation. Then they dismiss to their Bible study for the rest of the service, twice a month. In this way, they are able each month to receive messages specifically geared towards their time in life, as well as receive two sermons prepared for the congregation as a whole.

Here are our Teen Bible Study Teachers, all of which are screened through national criminal background checks


Every summer we have an inspiring and fun Youth Camp lasting 3-4 days, with outings to various activities and recreational sites.  For more information about Camp plans for this year, please inquire via email to martydavey@comcast.net  .


Welcome to our Children’s Ministry page!

At Christian Family Fellowship, we believe that your children are called of God and that it is His desire that they accept salvation in Jesus, which God has intended for them from the very beginning.

Thus, our children’s ministry lessons and activities are designed around this goal, of helping them come to know, love and trust Jesus more and more, and to learn from His wonderful teachings in the Bible.


SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES are provided for children from preschool through age 11, and take place during the sermon on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month. Children begin the worship service in the sanctuary with their families, and participate together with the congregation during the announcements, worship music and offering. They are then dismissed to their classes for the remainder of the service.

At CFF, we feel it is important and valuable for the children to learn to praise, sing, and pray with the congregation as a whole, and to see themselves as included and as a vibrant part of the Church. And on the first Sunday of each month they remain in the auditorium for in the entire worship service, which provides good experience for both them and their parents.

One of the Elementary School Students’ Classrooms

The Preschool Classroom

Here are our Elementary aged and preschool aged Children’s Church Teachers


services for babies are not provided, but a nursery is available and you may sit in the nursery or the mothers’ room with your children whenever needed. There is an audio speaker in the mothers’ room, so that you may listen to the service while taking care of your child.

For additional information, please contact the Children’s Ministry leader, Mrs. Yvonne Davey, at yvonnedavey@comcast.net .

SUMMER CAMP for children ages 7-18

takes place after the school year has ended. Dates vary each year, so please contact us for more details.

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