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The Gospel Truth of Jesus Christ

God is true and real, a Being Who embodies Love, and has existed from all eternity, in a relationship of Love, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There is no other God or gods. He made all things and is the giver of all life.

God chose to share this love and relationship by creating mankind in His own image, as His children, knowing that mankind would resist His love and initially pursue human selfishness. Thus, He determined from the beginning to send Jesus the Son of God to show us His love, to redeem us from our fallen condition, and to turn us back to Him as our Father. God has always been for us, never against us, and it is us who have needed to be reconciled to Him. He always loves us.

God came to us from Heaven in the person of Jesus Christ the Son of God, Who died on the cross for our sins and for our redemption even in our fallen condition. God confirmed His salvation and inclusion of mankind in the person of Jesus by resurrecting Him from the dead and receiving Jesus into Heaven, as God and man forever connected in His glorified state. In these acts, which were determined from the foundation of the world, God has done everything necessary for us to live with Him as His children forever in love, joy and peace.

Jesus is present with us now spiritually and in the power of the Holy Spirit, establishing His loving Lordship in the lives of those who embrace His love and surrender to Him and His will. Jesus will come again visibly to this world, to reveal Himself to all mankind, purify the world and all things, and establish His loving Lordship and Kingdom over all forever and ever.

This is the Gospel – the Good News – and you can experience it now and forever!